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In Practice

Téléo is

icone chronometre

1 cabin every 90 seconds during rush hour

Téléo is available every day from 5.15am to 0.30am!

15 cabins each for 34 people

20 seats.
1,500 people/hour in each direction

Immediate boarding

The cabins stop systematically at each station, just like the metro or tram. The station guard makes sure that passengers board and disembark smoothly. A sound signal warns passengers that the doors are closing. There are no ticket validators in the cabins. Remember to validate your ticket on the platform!

Bicycles accepted

Cyclists and mountain bikers are also welcome. Please note: only one bicycle is allowed per cabin, except in the case of a parent accompanying a child. In peak traffic periods, or if a passenger with reduced mobility wishes to board, bicycles do not have priority.

tickets de déplacement

Which ticket do I need to travel on Téléo?

You can access Téléo with any normal Tisséo transport ticket, for the same price as the bus, metro and tram! Our sole aim is to make urban living easier. Do you fancy a round trip? Just get out of the cabin when you arrive at the terminus, then validate a new ticket to return to the station where you started. NEW: You can buy a return Téléo ticket for €3.50 at the ticket dispensers in our Téléo stations.

You can take four different lines over a period of one hour as part of the same journey (1.5 hours for tickets including the airport shuttle) from the initial point of validation.


Did you know that the cable car is one of the safest ways to travel? This is particularly true of Téléo with its « 3S » (3-cable) technology.

Stringent procedures

Tisséo strictly applies the precautionary principle. Téléo follows the regulations applicable to ski lifts in its construction, operation and maintenance. These regulations are set out by the STRMTG, a specialised government department applying the highest safety standards based on its extensive experience in France, which is one of the countries with the highest number of ski lifts.

Téléo will close for a period of 15 consecutive days every summer to carry out a global check of equipment and systems.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Téléo can operate safely at wind speeds of up to 108 km/h, which are rare in Toulouse. At higher wind speeds, service will be interrupted.

What if the tramway stops unexpectedly?

  • In the event of a power failure or blackout, Téléo’s safety system returns all the cabins to the station.
  • When the system is down, the number 44 bus will follow an extended route between the Paul Sabatier and Rangueil stations. In the event of a longer shutdown, a special shuttle bus will take over on the same stretch. Linéo line 5 connects the Oncopole station to metro line B at Empalot, before continuing on to Paul Sabatier station.
photo de la cabine avec le ciel en fond


Dynamic screens, emergency call points and an onboard video surveillance system provide information and keep you safe at all times, on the platforms and in the cabins. Guards are present on the platform at each station. Their main role is to make sure that the boarding process runs smoothly. They look after your comfort and safety.

picto point d'exclamation


For the comfort and safety of all passengers,

  • make the cabin swing;
  • lean on cabin doors and push the windows;
  • smoke or eat on board;
  • use the alarm signals, stop buttons and emergency call points reserved for incidents, without legitimate cause.

New means of transport: new rules

The gap located near the cabin arrival and departure points is a potentially dangerous area of the station that is strictly out of bounds to passengers for safety reasons.

If your child drops a toy down the gap, or if you lose your keys or phone, tell the Tisséo guard on the platform and they will get them back.

Reminder: children under 8 are not allowed on the Tisséo network unless they are accompanied by an adult.

Assistance on the platform and onboard

An emergency call point is available on each station platform. Similarly, in the event of an incident onboard, an emergency call button in the middle of the cabin lets you contact the Tisséo guards at the stations.

If the cabin comes to an unexpected stop, the Tisséo guard will contact the passengers on board to provide instructions. Never attempt to open the side doors or roof hatch to leave the cabin.