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The shortest route is in a straight line, as we all know. This is the key advantage of Téléo, which soars over the Garonne river!The 3-kilometre route takes passengers from Paul Sabatier University to the Oncopole Institute via Rangueil Hospital in just 10 minutes. This will relieve congestion on the ring road and improve the traffic flow between the eastern and western sides of the city.

Téléo serves three key sites on the route between western and eastern Toulouse:

  • the terminal stations "Oncopole - Lise Enjalbert" and "Université Paul Sabatier",
  • An intermediate stop: "Hôpital Rangueil-Louis Lareng"


An aerial tramway was the natural solution for getting around the many natural obstacles and infrastructure in southern Toulouse. To protect the landscape and the environment, the tramway functions at a height of 70 metres. Guaranteed to create a wow effect!

shema du parcours et des 3 arrêts

10 minutes between the Oncopole Institute and Paul Sabatier in Téléo compared with 30 minutes by car!

Three stations, three moods

Station Paul Sabatier

Université Paul Sabatier station

The campus station

This imposing building of futuristic design marks the entrance to the campus. This is the station housing the main motor as well as the garage-workshop dedicated to the maintenance of the aerial tramway. The platform is accessed via a footbridge from the nearby bus stops and metro station (line B). Connections from this station take you to the Science Complex, the Innopole, Malepère and Montaudran.

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pictos des lignes de bus
Station Paul Sabatier

Station Hôpital Rangueil - Louis Lareng

The hill station

The middle station is at the top of Rangueil hill at the entrance to the hospital, which conducts over 200,000 medical consultations every year. Built on an overhang, the station offers a breathtaking panorama of the Pouvourville hillside from its platform.

Station Paul Sabatier

Oncopole - Lise Enjalbert

The nature station

Close to the banks of the Garonne, the Oncopole-Lise Enjalbert terminus hosts a new transport hub designed to encourage intermodality:

  • a park-and-ride facility for cars with 500 spaces,
  • parc à vélos de 60 places
  • a bike park with 60 spaces,
  • a carpooling area
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pictos des lignes de bus


photo de la cabine avec le ciel en fond

"3S" technology

Everybody’s a winner with Téléo, a system combining performance with comfort!

Son système à 3 câbles (2 câbles porteurs + 1 câble tracteur) améliore la stabilité des cabines et réduit les vibrations, pour votre confort. Vous n’entendrez pas de bruit de moteur à bord, seulement le roulement des cabines sur les galets de ligne ! Sa technologie innovante ne nécessite que 5 pylônes contre 20 pour un téléphérique classique, ce qui réduit l’impact sur l’environnement !

The 3-cable system (two carrying cables + one hauling cable) improves cabin stability and reduces vibration, for greater comfort.
You won’t hear any noise from the motors on board either, only the sound of the cabins on their rollers! This innovative technology requires only five pylons compared to 20 for a conventional cable car, thereby reducing environmental impact!

A system made in France

Téléo was built by a consortium led by the French company POMA, world leader in cable transport systems.

Station Paul Sabatier

With their roomy dimensions and large doors, the cabins feel spacious and airy, making it easy to board and disembark. The panoramic windows offer a view over the roofs of Toulouse, and the bucolic landscapes of the Canal du Midi, Pech David and the Garonne. In the background, you can see the blue line of the Pyrenees. Breathe deeply, you’re in another place!

Station Paul Sabatier

100% accessible

You enter and leave the cabin on the same level. Each cabin has a space reserved for wheelchair users. Cyclists and mountain bikers are welcome to travel with their bikes.

picto thermometre

Onboard comfort

Inside the cabin, a reinforced natural ventilation system constantly renews the air all year round, based on the outside temperature.

Stylish design

Téléo’s "3S Symphony" cabins feature an elegant design by Paolo Pininfarina, the designer from Ferrari! The bodywork is pastel blue, a colour that is part of the local heritage…